Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pelican - Uppteknir (1974)

An Icelandic gem. They play psychedelic progressive rock basically; but you can find some acidly and even pop (pop rock) elements.
Ómar Óskarsson has a great role in music compositions and Björgvin Gíslason's guitar style is unique. Highly recommended. By Tiliar

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Goldy said...

your website has some of the most interesting music in all of blogland. good work

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

nice to see you back! If there's a chance please repost Katamaran - Katamaran (1977).
Thank you,

Walter ;-)

spunkie said...

Thanks for this great psych prog gem.Why don't they make music like this today?

Dairos777azz said...

You're right Lisa Sinder, a very pleasure icelandic album in rock, psych, folk vein and hippie-trip mood.
If you are interested a blog on Iceland is born: