Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lethe - Lethe (1981)

Lethe's album starts off rather inconspicuously with a classically oriented oboe, acoustic guitar and piano piece. But, just as Mirror before them, the band launches into a sophisticated, but highly melodic progressive rock form. And while Side 1 is good, side 2 is an absolute clinic on how to combine complexity and yet still maintain a strong melodic backbone. This is the album that Camel never made after "Moonmadness". Astounding album really. Taken from here


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Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,
Could you post the titles of the four tracks!

thanks for all


apps79 said...


1.Lethe 5:36
2.Avbury circle 9:46
3.Cold in fingers 9:49
4.Le tombeau II 9:25

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for great post!!!
But,maybe track 1 broken?

Vol@tch said...

Same Shit :(
please reupload

Lisa Sinder said...

What is the exact problem - had downloaded the archive, unpack, listen. What is the problem?

Take care,

Graderío said...

Hi Lisa, wonderful your blog. I just discovered. By the way, the problem with lethe is that the first track cannot be listed. It seams is broken. Could you plese repost it?? thanks again and congratulations for your effort. Ramón from Spain.

Heroic Legend said...

Such a great album, thank you! It has become a favorite of mine. There is a scratchy part on track 2 at about 3:32. Not a huge deal in my opinion but it is there.

String13th said...

Delightful music THX so much for sharing. All the BEST.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to listen to this.