Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gas Mask - Their First Album (1970)

Signed to the small New York Tonsil label, the band's 1970 debut "Their First Album" teamed them with producer Teo Macero. Musically the comparison with BS&T simply couldn't be missed. Backed by a BS&T-styled horn section (Richard Grando, David Gross and Enrico Raja), singer Bobby Osborne's growl came off as little more than a David Clayton-Thomas wannabe. With Olivia responsible for the majority of the material (Gross contributing two selections), tracks such as 'If You Just Think of Me', 'Light the Road' and 'Just Like That' weren't bad (particularly if you liked early BS&T).

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pr0gger said...

Thanx. Brilliant!

This album IN LOSSLESS (as the Gotham's album, where we find the same musicians) is on the top of my wish-list.
If anybody knows where i can find a good vinyl rip (FLAC or APE), please contact with me through RYM.

beaugraham said...

hi me again just wondering if you have gotten my emails. im really crazy about this album but im wondering how it was ripped cause of a few of the songs sound distorted. if it was recorded distorted then every song would be distorted. please let me know i would like to find another copy somehow. just let me know how you ripped this or where you got it. thank you

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi beaugraham!

It's not my rip - got it from p2p.

Take care,

beaugraham said...

peer 2 peer hey thats what i thought ok. so there must be some diffrent rips out there of this album i will hafto search for one with better quality. but in the mean time i have this version beggars cant be choosers when it comes to an album this rare. thanks again

caveman said...

I just aquired a very nice copy of this album. I'm playing it as I write, and it sounds really nice. Can's see or hear any flaws. Comes with a nice gatefold cover that shows slight edge wear and some ringwear on back side. Don't know how much to charge. Any Ideas?

QK666 said...

I know it's been a while since the last post but I am also searching fot a lossless good vinyl rip. Was anyone (pro0gger) successful yet?