Saturday, August 22, 2009

Motowns - Motowns (1971)

An English group, arrived from Liverpool to Italy in the mid 60's, the Motowns featured Lally Stott (vocals, replaced by Mick Brill), Doug Meakin (guitar), Mike Logan (keyboards), Robbie Scott (bass) and Tony Crowley (drums, later Dave Summer).
Their first album came out in 1967, Sì, proprio i Motowns on RCA, followed by a long series of singles, until they were signed to Cinevox in 1971.
Their second and last album, Motowns, issued by this label, contains 10 tracks, most of which show strong differences from the typical beat sound of the past years, being halfway between psychedelia and progressive. The album is very nice and rare, and has never been reissued.
Some tracks from the LP were also included in the soundtrack of the film Mia moglie...un corpo per l'amore directed by Mario Imperoli, released in 1972. Taken from here

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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot fo this one. do you think you can find also the italian album si, proprio i motowns ? that would be too much.
compliments for the cool blog.

Anonymous said...

hi if you re looking for this cd you csn find it here
hope it will help you