Thursday, August 20, 2009

McLuhan - Anomaly (1972)


wcpaeb said...

Thanks Lisa for Sky Sulamyth & McLuhan's albums. Great discs and very trippy.

I posted in my blog Gargoe's selftitle album. I saw it in your wishlist. Check it if you want here

Thanks again,

Lisa Sinder said...

Thank you, wcpaeb!


Sadness said...

many thanks lisa, an awesome post...sometimes i wish i were other people who own these albums u post..
all best

Anonymous said...

I bought this album some years ago on a CD bootleg, the japanese Poor House, a deleterious label that is best to avoid. The plastified digi-packed covers send forth a strange salt with the time and the records are from vinyl.

The east american band McLuhan is very inventive, with researched sounds, fascinating use of brasses and a costant feeling of antique and underground. The cover in Addams Family mood is just great.

I wonder why this band is so underrated

Atomic Dawg said...

Who is the album cover artist?