Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quebreizh - Quebreizh (1977)


graaf24 said...

Great collection of traditional songs from Bretagne, especially “Son ar chistr” very fast and full of energy – I like it! Thanks allot.

Pozdrav, Graaf

Fil Razorback said...

Great album, thank you very much !
I wonder what happened to track 12/13 though.

arbor said...

hi many thanks for this one,

but are they from Canada or France? My guess is from France due to the use of Breton in the songs

PA said...

Hello there!

I'm from Canada, province of Quebec, where this group come from.

Guess what, it's extremely difficult to find this disk here in Canada... would anybody know from who or where I could find it?
This is so wonderful!



max said...

Geat album, but track n.13 is missing... Can you post it? Thanks

Martin said...

Quebreizh:Que for Quebec,Breizh for Bretagne.
The album was released here in Quebec (Canada),on Le Tamanoir label.

Jean Layette said...

Thanks for that rare gem, i noticed 2 tracks missing.
B2 - L'épi De Blé (Rond D'Argenton, Dans Le Berry)
B6 - Quand J'étais Chez Mon Père
Could you possibly make them availlable please ?

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Jean!

Updated link. Thank you for notice.

Take care,

Jean Layette said...

Thanks a lot =)