Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mirror - Daybreak (1978)

Mirror was formed in 1972 by four high school kids, Johan Saanen (bass guitar), Paula Mennen (vocals and keyboards), Kees Walravens (guitar) and Peter Fransen (drums) in the south of the Netherlands. In 1973 they were joined by Philip de Goey (sax, woodwinds and oboe). In 1976 Mirror records it's first and only album, Daybreak. The music is influenced by Pink Floyd, Yes, Trace and Focus. After the release of the album they toured increasingly in Holland. But rather soon the were having disagreements about the business side of the band. This led to the departure of Johan. Then there was an argument about who had written the music and this finally meant the end of Mirror in late 1976.

After the Mirror Philip de Goey, Kees Walravens and Johan Saanen start a new progressive rockband, Lethe in 1978. With Lethe they record one album, Lethe, in 1981.

In the nineties Saanen, Walravens and Fransen play together in a cover band called Looking For Clues. Taken from here


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I really enjoyed this album. The opening track's guitar riff sounds just like part of a YES song. Nice share, thank you. B

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This LP costs €279.00 at Discogs.