Saturday, August 15, 2009

Claude Engel - Fantasmagory (1976)

Former guitarist with OMEGA PLUS, MAGMA and DAYDE, Claude ENGEL

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I'd wondered about his solo albums and like his unique approach. Similarities to Alain Markusfeld (sic)

Anonymous said...

Great album, really! Cheesy lyrics though but the music's very nice!



Anonymous said...

This is like an art picture. Different colours represents different moods of the artist. Also like a picture it can be pleasure or not. All in all this opera is quiet nice album but the flavour of incompletism and the absence of a true valid concept in the musical background, are in evidence. The first track is the most worked and developed and also the best. This style vanish in the other tracks, i don't know why. The rest of the pieces are only guitar works and doing exception on some personal experimental tracks, others are clearly influenced by Jimmy Page and his Led Zeppelin III, besides some subtle iridescence or echoes of Yes and Hackett. Could the artist give more? Yes.
Not that great but nice.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites up on this site....Very Very Nice!

phil36 said...

Bonjour, serait il possible de re uploader l'album car le lien n'est plus valable.
Merçi par avance