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The story of this group goes back to 1978. Stefan and Michael Roessmann played in a band called TUT ENCH AMUN. Later on Wolfgang Vollmuth joined this band. Here they took their first steps in the direction of progressive rock. When in early 1978 TUT ENCH AMUN splitted up, Wolfgang Vollmuth and the two Roessmann brothers founded AMENOPHIS.
AMENOPHIS first concert was in October 1979. In 1980 the band bought a comprehensive equipment and Erwin Hillebrand joined AMENOPHIS on keyboards. AMENOPHIS had several gigs in the southern part of Germany, mostly together with more known bands to reach a wider audience. The Flower, the second song on the first album is an example of the activity of this period.In 1981 and 1982 AMENOPHIS increased their repertoire by composing up to 30 titles. Songs like Venus and The Last Requiem were written at this period. The band gave 12 concerts between 1981 and 1982 until they decided in end of 1982 to do recordings.Since a professional studio was too expensive for the band, AMENOPHIS decided to build their own studio from their live equipment and an the 8 track tape from sound engineer Rudolf Wiedemann. End of 1982 AMENOPHIS started their first recordings in their studio. They did a lot of experiments, the bonus tracks on the CD release of the first albums are a part of the outcome from this period.Overall studio work was an important experience for AMENOPHIS, giving the band more freedom to realize ideas. Some compositions like Suntower, the first song on the Amenophis album were written within this period, recorded but never played live. In February 1983 AMENOPHIS started recording their first album. The Flower was chosen as a representative title of the former period of the band. All other songs on the album were written in 1982. Cover painting was done by Wolfgang Vollmuth's sister Rosalia. Hubert Fischer took over the responsibility for the cover print. End of 1983 the first album was officially released marking the end of the first period of the band.
In 1984 and 1985 AMENOPHIS was very quiet. They did some smaller sessions with guests musicians but no new songs were written. Early 1986 AMENOPHIS got the offer recording a second album. This project was called You & I. Kurt Poppe on keyboards and Rene Kius joined the band. The following year the band built up a completly new repertoire and in Nov. 1987 AMENOPHIS could be seen live again. Early 1988 AMENOPHIS recorded the You & I album with ELke Moerle on vocals. Later on Isolde Reichmann on vocals joined the band in 1988. Until 1989 AMENOPHIS did several concerts and interviews on radio shows.
After over 10 years AMENOPHIS gave the goodbye concert in June 1989. Amenophis home page

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Amenophis - Amenophis (1983)

Amenophis - You and I (1987)

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