Sunday, April 15, 2007

Batteaux - S/T (1973 )

Very nice, very obscure rock/soul album on Columbia -- with a vibe that's difficult to describe, but which fits in nicely with a "Free Soul" aesthetic, and which also gives a strong nod to the Folk Funk Experience. There's nice acoustic guitar, some good space arrangements, and vocals that are very flanged-out! Includes the nice sing-song groover "Tell Her She's Lovely", plus "Mirror", "Wake Me In the Morning", "Lady of The Lake", "Katy", "High Tide", and the cut "Dig Up The Love", which has a bit of a break in the intro.Dusty Groove America

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jnickfl said...

Thanks for posting this. I haven't heard, or even seen, it in quite a long time. Just so you know, this is actually Robin Batteau and his brother David along with others. Robin was in Appaloosa.

Anonymous said...

this is an amazing record, thanks!

Anonymous said...

amazing record, thanks a lot!
best thing i heard in a while