Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ashada- Circulation (2006)

ASHADA is the name of a Japanese duet made of female singer TAE (Also playing mandolin and piano) and keyboards player MIDORI (Piano, programming, accordion and vocals). Joitly published by the Musea and Poseidon labels, "Circulation" (2006) includes several contributions of Akihisa TSUBOY on violin and DANI on bass (Both of KBB), plus a guitarist and a drummer. "Circulation" is an exquisite and romantic album, full of refinement and delicacy, influenced by classical and Japanese music. It sometimes recalls RENAISSANCE or OCTOBER PROJECT's airy atmospheres, and is enhanced by magnificent sequences of electric guitar or violin. The sound and arrangements are unusual, the melodies intense and sensible. Just beautiful!

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Art Rock said...

Thanks for another unknown gem!

Anonymous said...

For those who need the tracklist :

1. Kagi
2. Snowflake
3. Deperture
4. Sacred visions
5. A girl's wish
6. Neji
7. Birth 

Anonymous said...

This looks fascinating so I'll give it a listen. Thanks again, Lisa, for introducing us to yet another obscure treasure.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

I've had only time to listen to the first two tracks and it sounded great! I'll try to find it from stores.

Stoned_Louis said...

this album is so pure and heavenly, sure I'll you got mine

Thanks for this prime cut

From Brazil

Luis Zelaya said...

I would really be happy if you could upload again this album, i need help with this one