Sunday, April 15, 2007

Cold Blood - Sisyphus (1971)

Classic US blues rock/funk.

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S.O.S. said...

Wow! used to love this group!

Would you maybe have also:
* Cold Blood
* First Taste of Sin
That would be too much...

Thanx for the music!!!

Anonymous said...

excellent. thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this. I have to say, Cold Blood's drummer is something else! What happened to him??

whiteray said...

Thanks so much for this! Another great post of a lamentably forgotten group.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your spectacular and amazing blog ever !!
The best of cold Blood album is also interested , waiting you posting it.

regards always


The DNAcowboy said...

Cheers from France.
My own Cold blood LPs rips are here:

Lydia and Cold Blood is here:

Cold Blood is here:

Sisyphus is here:

I also own 1st taste which I can share if needed.

fritz the cat said...

good stuff. thanks

Servant2All said...

Thanks for Sisyphus. The other two don't work, though. But, I would appreciate any links you may have to the other three of their first four albums: 1) Cold Blood, 2) First Taste of Sin, and 3) Thriller.
Peace and Hair Grease