Saturday, June 16, 2007

49th Parallel - S/T (1969)

Their first 2 singles "Laborer" and "She says" are pieces of pouting prairie punk. In 1969 they had a hit in Canada and the US with "Twilight woman", a lovely song that sounded poppier and slightly folkier than the UK band Tomorrow. The succes of the singles resulted in a release of their one and only album on MGM. This is easily one of the best canadian rock albums ever released featuring excellent material and including pulsating psychedelia, ultra strange tracks as well as a quintessential punk edginess. Strong melodies, great playing and a sympathic production make for a very desirable collection of songs.

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Residentevil2 said...

Thanks been looking for this

Steven K said...

More good stuff! Thanks again, Lisa!


muflozavr said...

прекрасная музыка ! / beautiful music
thanx from russia