Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Freckleface - S/T (1972)

For sure, the rarest Lp from Belgium (only 300 were pressed).. Great creeping blues rock with long tracks,guitar and weired vocals by Arno(not unlike Captain Beefheart) .. This Lp is highly recommanded if you can like a mixture between Savoy Brown and Creepy John Thomas.. It comes in a cover with tiny reproduction of a painting by belgian surrealist painter Elias.. Highly collectable item overhere for both Arno diehards and blues rock purists.. (no real damages on cover but normal wear of oldness like some ringwear and cracles LP plays stll great but here and there some light noise and also between the tracks but if you find a mint you will hear some noise this was not the best press that time.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa.
Thanx a whole lotta thanx for this one!

fritz the cat said...

Wow, a very interesting album, you'd never guess it came from Belgium! thank you very much

Bruno Azen said...

nice one, man!

Feq'wah said...

hi, excellent post!
I've been looking for this for quite a while, this is definitely rare...any chance for a re-upload?

I'd be grateful! Thanks

Feq'wah said...

Sorry for bumping into this place and never have left a comment before, i know it's lame to ask for a re-up in such a way.

What can i say? I'm really interested in this record, and since you share records like these, i'll sure have an eye open for your blog from now on.

I'm hoping you'll share this again, but in the meantime i can perhaps interest you in a compilation of tracks recorded by the group that followed after the split of Freckleface?

You can find it at my blog, here
Also a bit of history there.