Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wynder K. Frog - Sunshine Super Frog (1967)

CD re-issue of the hopelessly rare 'Sunshine Superfrog' originally only available as the Island label 12-track LP.12 top quality mod soul Hammond tracks and the LP never really lets up for a minute. A choice mixture of covers such as "Somebody Help Me","Sunshine Superman", "Hold On, I�m Coming" and "(Don�t Fight it) Feel It" and more the classic " original �"I Feel So Bad". Now here it is with one bonus track "I'm A Man".Freak Emporium

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Eddie Riff said...

Hi, Lisa. Thanks for the Wynder K. Frog! This one has the feel of some of the great music library lps from the same time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Wynder K Frog. I really didn't expect to find Sunshine Superfrog as it was rare when it was current!
Old Fogey

Anonymous said...

I've looked for this for many years. Googled it on the off chance and found it on your site. Fantastic. Many thanks.


marc.prempain said...

Thanks a lot for posting this cool record. So rare ! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

At the time of release I would/did overlook this style, and its only taken me over 40 years to get there!
A missed beauty, thanks for posting.

Jano said...

So many thanks!
it´s not easy get this great one.