Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Opus-5 - Contre-courant (1976)

OPUS 5 were a 5 Piece ensemble from Quebec Canada who released IMHO one of Canada’s finest pieces of 70’s prog rock with “Contre-Courant” in 1976. Line up included Olivier Duplessis (claviers, vocals) , Luc Gauthier (guitars, vocals), Serge Nolet (flute vocals), Christian Leon Racine (bass, vocals) and Jean-Pierre Racicot (percussion, vocals). OPUS 5 were essentially a mix of lighter fusion / jazz prog with folk leanings at times and somewhat reminiscent of the Canterbury school of prog (i.e. HATFIELD & THE NORTH, EGG…). Instrumentally these guys blend tempo challenging aspects with acoustic and synthesizer runs offering the listener quite a fine variety of rhythm and tones. “Contre-Courant” is a very expressive album with all 5 members adding vocalization throughout and is delivered with great emotion. Sometimes albums just seem to have everything and fulfills your mind, ears and spirit and that is the case with this album for me. Absolutely 100% essential. By loserboy PROG ARCHIVES

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my music teacher at JeanXXIII high school in dorval montreal is Serge Nolet