Monday, June 25, 2007

Morse Code - Procréation (1976)

A year after releasing the classic album “La Marche Des Hommes”, Canada’s MORSE CODE released another masterful concept album titled “Procreation”. Following very closely their patented formula of progressive rock, this album will simply make all prog fans drool. Imagine a blend of HACKETT’esque guitar swoops with lots of beautiful mellotron/organ, creative bass and drum interplay and highly imaginative song writing and you have "Procreation". MORSE CODE is really a perfect marriage of classic ANGE with GENESIS ! Vocals are sung in French and really remind me of the theatrical presence of Christian Decamps (ANGE's vocalist). This album showcases the epic 26+ minute epic title piece which blends a highly British 70's prog character with their unique Québécois flavour. Overall another killer album that everyone needs to have in their collection... absolutely essential album! loserboy

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kosice said...

I agree with the review - this is an essential album to have. Wow, another fantastic album from Quebec - thanks, Lisa!

fritz the cat said...

Well, "essential" if you are into this type of music, it's far too prog for my taste. A couple of tunes make good sampling material though. Thanks