Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mayfly - S/T (1973)

Dutch folk psych.
In 1970, a group was founded in Bergen, N.H. by the name of Guruperide. In 1971, the name of this soft rock group was changed to Mayfly.
Members: Gustaaf Verburg (vocals, bass, guitar and piano), Onno Verburg (vocals, guitar), Ide Min (vocals and electronic instr.), Maarten Min (vocals, drums), Huub Nijhuis (bass, cello), Arie de Geus (piano and violin).
In 1973, Huub was replaced by Walter Tromp, and the group began working with a drummer called Paul Goes. In 1974, the brothers Min left the group; they were replaced by Tjeerd Smit (lyricist), Michel Marion (bass, ex-Machine; replacing Walter), Marinus Groeneveld (sax, flute). After 1975, Mayfly was no more. Paul Goes went on to join Music Garden, and so did Michel Marion. Taken from Alex Gitlin

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kosice said...

Dear Lisa,

I am speechless - just downloaded the Mayfly album and listened to it once... it is amzingly beautiful. I have a feeling that I will listen to it many, many times. I have been searching for it for quite a while so you've really made my day. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful album!


menno said...

Thank you for posting Fungus

Blue Eyed Knight said...

Is there nothing one can find on the interweb due to sharing caring folks like you?



aldo said...

it's quite possible I found this here, about a year ago or more but somehow I couldn't leave a comment...
I absolutely love this record and with so so many things over-hyped and just a click away these days...this was a real find!