Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jelly Bean Bandits - S/T (1967)

Hailing from Newburgh in New York State with one of Mainstream's better albums came the Jelly Bean Bandits. More punk than psychedelic it includes some searing guitar and good effects. The album contains the classic Generation, which was arguably their finest moment with a bizarre intro about flying saucers giving way to a driving assault on the senses with searing guitar, powerful vocals and sound effects.

Originaly known as The Mirror, they managed to score a three-album deal with Mainstream on the basis of three demo tracks. Unbeknown to label boss Bob Shad, these were the only songs the band had written and a week-long marathon song-writing session ensued, before they were whisked into the cavernous Columbia Studio "A" to record the album in a generous twelve hours stretch.

Mainstream pulled the plug before the band could start on their second album, although a demo for one track, Salesman was recorded, and the other material written back in '68 may yet see the light... the band are still in touch and have released a second album in the same style & manner as they had intended to do thirty years ago... "look to the skies... the flying saucers will always be there!"

For more information check the bands website:-

(Vernon Joynson/Max Waller w/thanks to Mike Raab/Billy Dee)

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frumious bandersnatch said...

can't believe no one thanked you for this one ! in spite of the goofy cover, this is an essential album for any 60s-punk fan ! grab it while it's there ! and, thanks a lot, Lisa !!!

PS : and the Raik Progress album is great, too, for people into 60s-punk !

fritz the cat said...

A very nice discovery! thanks for this one