Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lokomotive Kreuzberg - Kollege Klatt (1972)

Along with Ton Steine Scherben, Lokomotive Kreuzberg were the most important political rock band to emerge from Berlin. Five left-wing ex-students formed the band at the beginning of 1972. Powalla was replaced by Manfred Praeker in the Spring of 1973. Uwe Mullrich replaced Volker Hiemann for six months, then he moved on to Munich and Embryo being replaced by Bernhard Potschka in Lokomotive Kreuzberg in the Summer of 1974. Like Floh De Cologne, Lokomotive Kreuzberg had theatrical live shows, where the music only served as a texture and background for their 'cabaret performances'. Kollege Klatt (1972), and all subsequent albums, contained a full variety of musical styles. The liner notes for the album were written by none other than Floh De Cologne! In addition to their four albums, two singles were issued on Plane: "Chile '73" coupled with "Hey Mr. America" (1974) and "Arbeitslos" coupled with "Teddy Tex" (1976). Fette Jahre (1975) is usually considered to he their best achievement musically. From Cosmic Dreams At Play

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Anonymous said...

Wow,I am impressed,this one is not easy to find,also Underdogs Blues band.Great Uploads.Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa!

This LOKOMOTIVE KREUZBERG sounds a lot like FLOH DE COLOGNE (Mummien) but it's more vivid and more comic in a way! Too bad my German is so bad, I can hardly understand what the songs are about...


Anonymous said...

Nice to see this one again!
The difference between Lok Kreuzberg and the rest of the political bands (Floh de Cologne, Ton Steine Scherben, Checkpoint Charlie) is that Lok Kreuzberg could play their instruments proper. I saw them live in Berlin in the seventies and they were great. Music not only served as texture, but could stand on its own. No wonder they gained great success when they evolved into the Nina Hagen Band and later Spliff.

What puzzles me a bit, is the fact the somewhat quirky, leftist lyrics aiming against capitalism are as up-to-date as never before.

Anonymous said...

Great post.Wonderful german politrock from the early 70'.
more comedy like Floh de Cologne.
I like it.I'm german so i can understand all.

Greetings from Matthias

Roderick Verden said...

Thank you for Lokomotive Kreuzberg.
Very crazy!

fritz the cat said...

Interesting, wish I could understand it

Bill.Bo said...

thank you for the "Lok" - reminds me on my times in Berlin in the 70´s

move on well: Bill.Bo