Thursday, June 21, 2007

Raik's Progress - Sewer Rat Love Chant (1967)

Drawing on wild and woolly influences as diverse as Capt.Beefheart, Them and the Animals, these San Joaquin Valley boys helmed by Steven Krikorian,later to reinvent himself as hitmaking Tonio K cut an albums worth of material best described as jawdropping!Tracks such as "Sewer Rat Love Chant" and "Why Did You Rob Us","and "Tank" have been gathering dust since..God know's when!Now this brilliant unearthed 60's album has got it's first release and contains the band's quirky garage recordings,circa 66. Freak Emporium

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Steven K said...

Hi Lisa. This is good stuff; thanks a whole bunch for this!


Steven K said...

Good stuff! Thanks, Lisa!

fritz the cat said...

nice, thanks.