Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Fantastic Dee-Jays - The Fantastic Dee-Jays (1966)

Above-average local beat-garage LP by Pittsburgh maniacs who later transformed into the Swamp Rats. Two killer tracks (also out on 45) have been comp'd on Hipsville vol 1 but there's some other good stuff too, though more beat than garage. Some tracks have a lo-fi dawn of man feel, such as "Apache". They had several 45s as well. The old boot reissue has some sleeve wear from the copy that was used. [PL] Acid Archives

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Anonymous said...

please please post'em Fantastic Dee-Jays! I just can't wait....

thanx a lot
Michael Vee - Milano

Steven K said...

Hi Lisa. Good stuff; thanks for posting.


esmenard.victor said...

Thnak you very much for this album. Since I heard the Swamp Rats I was searching this one. Now I can hear it, thank you :-)

fritz the cat said...

a bit too wistful and one dimensional for my taste, also sound quality not so good. thanks for sharing it though.