Friday, June 01, 2007

Zeus B Held - Zeus Amusement (1978)

Zeus B. Held was the keyboardist for the German band Birth Control during their most progressive period (such as Plastic People, Backdoor Possibilities, and Increase). After the release of Increase, Zeus B. Held embarked on a solo career and released this album, Zeus' Amusement.

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stg said...


Anonymous said...

wow- thanks very much!
i'm a huge fan of his work, including gena x performance and especially fashion's fabrique, so this was a wonderful surprise!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!
Greetings from Norway!
Thanks a lot for the Zeus B. Held upload. I used to have the album on vinyl back in '78. Bought it in a second hand store in Soho. Haven't seen it since, so this will be be a wonderful evening. Thanks again !!


whitepunksondope said...

Hi Lisa!
Greetings From England!
You have some sublime and wonderful music that does not seem to be found anywhere else in the 'musicblogsphere'. I hope after JP Masseria has finally got the attention he deserves, other producers will start being recognised and I hope Zeus B Held becomes more well known. I was listening to the Fashion remixes he did and they still sound as if they were made next Thursday...This is a wonderful album from 1978, thanks for sharing.