Saturday, March 11, 2006

1001 Record Collector Dreams - Hans Pokora

What a great idea! Hans has collected together in a beautifully bound hard back book, full colour pictures of the covers of all those incredibly rare records you could never afford, so now you at least know what they looked like.... '60s and '70s Folk, progressive, psychedelic, rock, garage from all over the world - they're all here. If your collection looks like this I hope you've got good insurance!! Freak Emporium

Please buy the Hans Pokora book!



Sam Stone said...

The links are dead already.

Anonymous said...

Please upload this again. It seems I discovered this links too late, and all the Record Collector Dreams links are dead now.

Lisa Sinder said...

New links uploaded!

Anonymous said...

hi - i noticed that the first two volumes are fairly short -- 75 pages and 57 pages -- and don't have indexes or back covers. that left me wondering if the files for those two have the whole books or just a sample? volumes three and four (153 pp/111 pp) are much larger, although volume four is missing the index/back cover too. one way or another i'm grateful for this -- i've been wondering for a while what these books were like, and wasn't about to spend that kind of money based on just a two sentence blurb in a catalog to find out.

everyone said...

2001 has disappeared (again).

would you please repost?