Sunday, March 26, 2006

All areas pass

Evening Everybody!

Funny thing: again many comments concerning password problems ;) For newcomers & MAC users - please read below & find (hopefully) the solution for pass problems (thanks to anonymous friends posts in comments):

It seems like the trouble is that the files dont work with the "Stuff it expander" applikation on mac os x.Instead use the applikation UnRarX (download at ) and it will work.(dont forget to first write the password before you drag n´drop the file in UnRarX window.Yes, the problem is not copying the passwords correctly (which everyone seems to be doing) but rather the various unstuffing programs incompatibility with the encrypted files - especially mac osx's apps and older versions of stuffit.

Sorry, guys, this problem was requested, discussed & solved several times here! I simply can't understand why using standard WinRar programm causes so many problems. Hopefully this post will solve the problem again.

Take care,

P.S.: I will continue with passwords for obvious reasons ;)
P.P.S.: Thank you for all the friends posting comments here! Silent friends - don't be shy - looking forward for your feedback!


Anonymous said...


I think that part of the problem is that the password is complicated because it contains characters that users do not usually expect in passwords (winrar is VERY tolerant of these special characters).

Just a thought but have you considered simplifying the password to just:

which is still a perfectly valid and working url when put into any browser and will tell people where the file came from, but does not have all the "//:/" stuff?

Thanks for a GREAT site!


Lisa Sinder said...

Good idea Igor!

I'll make it with my future posts!

Thank you for coming!

Chenard Walcker said...

Hello Lisa,
thanks for the great music. i've downloaded all of them 2 days ago. didn't got time to listen to them, as i sampled them first (400 samples !) - and did 9 tracks, sometime using 30 or 40 samples from different sources for one song. well, tunes are to be reworked, some new may appear, but i'd like you to listen to them at this state. Could you please e-mail me ?

info AT freesamplezone DOT org


Wez said...

This looks sweet.

Even before getting to the music I like the sound of your name too; has a good ring to it - almost band worthy. I guess I really shown myself up if you come back at me that that is infact what it is!

You make comparisons with the Vanilla Fudger's on various blog entries... are you planning to make any albums part of the blog?

I am looking for a song I happened to catch a couple of years on TV, a cover of a Supremes(?) or some similar act by the Vanilla Fudge. Do you know what I am likely to be referring to?

I don't think many people remember them here in the UK though I believe they are still touring in some form!

Btw Lisa do you go into your motivation for the blog in any of your posts thus far?
It has to be alot of effort on someones part - though it could be effort that was going to be put in regardless (i.e. if you always told your friends you would share your collection online or whatever).

I have often wondered why there is not a more obvious effort by the mainstream media to try & reclaim some of the best music from the past instead of putting so much emphasis on the dross of the present & future (not that there is no decent output today) & what it would be like if someone did... & I guess it would be somewhat like this blog :D

Thanks very much indeed, look forward to whatever you've got planned.


Anonymous said...

got it! fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to know a decent program to open .rar files for the PC, would you? I can't open them here, and I've been toting them to work to open them on my machine there. I love the stuff I've downloaded, but it'd be nice to be able to open it at home without all the intermediate steps.